when blogger became a illustration

hello everybody nice to see you again
today i will present a cool illustrator ....that l fall in love his style

Age: 23
Occupation: Artist/Thinker
Location: California
Email: dannyroberts@igorandandre.com
Website: Igorandandre.blogspot.com

he 23 old omg!! I will 20 in next December why he can good like this  and this is his project

The Blogging World

he choose a cool blogger in this wold and change them to picture some blogger i think  maybe
you  know them

let's look it now

Tavi an her blog I ever  write something about her at http://thizz0vava.blogspot.com/2009/01/blog-post.html


Karla   is my  favorite ppl and this is her blog



am not sure this is her pic bc i can't find  but this is her blog  am sure LoL


 her blog

Hope you like this entry
thx foe watching
see u next time

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  1. เก๋ไก๋มาก อยากได้รูปแบบนี้มั่งอะ
    น่าจะเท่์ห์มิน้อยนะ :)