Numéro January 2010:alice in wonder land

This week is very poor for me because I can't conect Internet at my dorm then ... this blog is not have any update but today is lucky !! I can serve internet

this week I see alots of fashion show but I have short time to write my blog because I don't know how long my Mac can be good like this LoL I will tallk about that later

OK. let's see what is new is this blog

this is fashion photo set from  Numéro January 2010 "wonderland" when you see rabbit  I think you must know what is she !! yes this is Alice but she is gothic version

photo from : Dusan Reljin.
Model:Caroline Trentini
Scans by Fashion Gone Rogue

thx for watching
see you next entry

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  1. This isn't my alice style LOL. my style would be whimsy and cuite more than this ,But this is your style isn't it :)