the white is always sexy

when woman wear red lipstick and wear black dress she will look sexy and very hot 
but I think when she wear boyfriend t-shirt and it white she will sexy and sexy more than that !!

Believe me and see this

white is always sexy right ?

It is cool photo from Nippon Vogue march 2010 take shot by cool women photographer name  
Camilla Akrans
I will research a work from her because I fall in love her work

thx for watching
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Numéro January 2010:alice in wonder land

This week is very poor for me because I can't conect Internet at my dorm then ... this blog is not have any update but today is lucky !! I can serve internet

this week I see alots of fashion show but I have short time to write my blog because I don't know how long my Mac can be good like this LoL I will tallk about that later

OK. let's see what is new is this blog

this is fashion photo set from  Numéro January 2010 "wonderland" when you see rabbit  I think you must know what is she !! yes this is Alice but she is gothic version

photo from : Dusan Reljin.
Model:Caroline Trentini
Scans by Fashion Gone Rogue

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come on stupid!!

I always love AD. from Diesel. This brand have a lots of cool quote all the time !! very sarcastic but I think they were right  well done Diesel
from the recently AD from Diesel

It is "Be stupid "

are you want to be stupid like me ??
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Present : my another lovely vintage woman

I love vintage all about vintage I will love it and I really really love vintage people !!
on my favorite bookmark it have a lots of blogger who love vintage

today I found a new woman who can be my favorite vintage people!!

her name is Erin 27 year old  from California  

you can go to see a lots of out fit of Erin from her blog and fall in love her like me

Thx for watching .
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I love backstage

I love to watch a backstage fashion show even look at the front show bc it have a different charm
and backstage is a true real story while a front is beautiful like a dream

I keep backstage pic from many show !! Let.s go too look it

Marc by Marc

Phillip Lim

Alexander Wang

Am worry about page loading I  must enough^^

Thx for watchig
see you next entry

P.S.Am sick my skin is be permeated with prickly heat doctor tell me it happens from small dust
becarefull guy


Magazine again !! "V" size issue just the way you are

I will continue talk about magazine but this magazine is very famous and I love them concept for this issue

that is "V magazine size issue" is presented another size  except slim size can be a model

and the way just you are
is always beautiful    

look at this photo set by" Terry Tsiolis"

“Tall, Thin, Short, Curvy, Punk, Prep, Dom, Deb.  Whoever you are, and whoever you want to be, we’re with you all the way!”

 I am a someone who believe and insist on be yourself  love yourself  respect yourself and happy with yourself


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