This match Barbie is the winner and sister blythe plz go away

A your boo lady gaga plz don't walk out from my blog if I write something about her again
But main of this entry is not all about GaGa it is about Barbie doll !!

in this time Barbie  is not in the Famous train because Blythe is boom and very boom
one of my friend can make money from it LOL

Today GaGa is take Barbie come back in trend again 

is it from

"Doll artist (or "player") Veik recreates many of Gaga's vivid looks on dolls. The Beijing player crafts Gaga's larger-than-life looks on the minitature scale and you can too. Many of the recreated looks feature tutorials on the flickr page - so go all out! " bust said

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  1. Gaga barbies is very hot issue now ?
    form my private i luv blythe more than barbie lol

    i need to do ur project first, 'cause next week we go to studie and never free again.

    call me anytime if you needs my hands :D