my work!! :little change

hello everybody
hello new year
and hello new entry

today i will present a magic of makeup  if you are a woman or a girl  i think you must love cosmetic
and me too...  i am cosmetic addict LoL

form a free time day  i was play something fun with my friend "Chorn"

this is Chorn she is a cool woman look like tomboy LOL 
we make over Chorn bc she want to makeup she tell me it is a long time with she doesn't makeup

after a lots of time

and this is Chorn ..... wow I love her face Chorn became my model for my mood board project
she is podjaman  of  bansaiythong 2012


I used Nars cosmetic 

and her lip is Nars Red Square

Makeup: Thizz0vava
Photo: Thizz0vava

and that is magic of make up
thx for watching
see u next entry

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