Wonder young lady photographer "Nirrimi"

This week is so busy for me I have a lots of work and it not finish but when I saw some of photo from some blog I can't stop my self to writing this post Because It make inspiration for me and I think it is a good story for you too !!

how old are you when you know you have a dream?
10 or 20
and how old are you when you do some thing for your dream ?
20 or 30

but for she she make it when she is 13 years old....and this is her dream "be a part of the future of photographic" 

now look at the pics from the wonder 17 years old photographer

age is not an excuse for tell your self stop make dream come true Like a "Nirrimi"  she take photo and take it all the time .... and today the world is know her and love her picture


she come from  Melbourne, Australia you can read more about her at this

Thx for watching
see you next entry

p.s. thank you everybody to come and see my blog  from 8 January until today the counter is 1000 hit
this is good number for me am happy bc when you write something you must need a reader read and know something form you right ? 

am happy and happy 

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