hello London ....knowing london from london street fashion

see a people in London from their fashion !! ......today is picture from another photographer but I will come to London and take picture from my self

so exciting London trip !!      







very beautiful picture from http://stylescout.blogspot.com This blog have a lots of street fashion from london
(don't forget to see this blog)

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"The Holiday lolita" Vogue Nippon April 2010

From Photographer Blaise Retersward for Vogue Nippon April 2010 " the holiday Lolita" is a very cute fashion set we can see a model in beautiful clothes from Jill Sander, Givenchy and Prada

Let's see it now ( click to see bigger size)

Feel....summer is here  Right ??

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welcome to wonderland ...not only for Alice anymore

This time "Alice in Wonderland" is fever I think because all of us love fantasy and we miss a imaginary in a past time when we were child

for the vintage fashion or vintage things It have a something special !!
and what about vintage store ? If one of vintage thing have a special .....but in this shop is full of vintage clothes vintage shoe........I think it is  very special....like a Wonderland  of Alice

we will talk about  "Grimoire" This is store in Shibuya Japan


credit : All of picture are from Tokyofashion.com   and from this link ( I advice you must click to see very sharp and bigger size and to read full article I only present this site)

Thank you from http://tokyofashion.com very much


A cool dark fashion illustration "Connie Lim"

If you love Alexander McQueen or Gareth Pugh you Must love her illustration 

"she places glamorous girls into playing card themes, brimming with elegance and an eerie Gothic-tinge in her experimention with various Manga styles" from Dazeddigital

click to view in bigger size

Very beautiful and have style right ?    you can go to see her portfolio at this link

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22 young fashion designers from "Central Saint Martins MA 2010"

On 26 march  I will going to study fashion short course at Central Saint Martins ...This is my dream  I know
is it short time but am very exciting to be a small part of Saint Martins

and I see a show from 22 MA young fashion designers ....it very amazing  for see a new generation ....
when somebody say goodbye....in the same time somebody say Hello and This is Fashion

Hello from  "Central Saint Martins MA 2010"  

Look  all the show at this  

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Wonder young lady photographer "Nirrimi"

This week is so busy for me I have a lots of work and it not finish but when I saw some of photo from some blog I can't stop my self to writing this post Because It make inspiration for me and I think it is a good story for you too !!

how old are you when you know you have a dream?
10 or 20
and how old are you when you do some thing for your dream ?
20 or 30

but for she she make it when she is 13 years old....and this is her dream "be a part of the future of photographic" 

now look at the pics from the wonder 17 years old photographer

age is not an excuse for tell your self stop make dream come true Like a "Nirrimi"  she take photo and take it all the time .... and today the world is know her and love her picture


she come from  Melbourne, Australia you can read more about her at this

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