a little story from LONDON

        "It very cold" this is a first word that I can describe London. From a people who come from tropical country like me London is very cold LOL.

 But I love this city it very beautiful. I love an oldness and like everything in London. 
All this pic in this entry is from  my camera and from  my viewpoint hope you like my pic and my story.

Let's start (this is story from picture it not arrange by date and time)

    I love building in London it have a contemporary between new and old. Old is outside and modern in inside
when I see a same building live together  I think it have a powerful and so terrify  and London just like this
so classic right ?

I always Love display from Harrods...it very cute 

London is all around the art I take this photo from the way to Liverpool street. 
Artist peel off  the wall instead of drawing from color very great technical.

Classic again!!
Vintage furniture store in Notting Hill Gate...very sad day Because it rainy all the time

Am so Lucky because It have an exhibition about evolution of Carnaby street 
in Carnaby street and this pic is from this exhibition

They make 3D collage tell about a  period of Carnaby street so lovely 

And very lucky again I find this Mosaic I can't remember name of the artist 
But I know some about this project  ...This Mosaic are hidden around the world. 
And have more color and shape In Thailand have this too he came and do it but i don't know where.

RIP Alexander McQueen .... Great designed form British

   vintage man ... always cool

Last day in London is very good because it have sunshine flower is bud around the park
so beatiful me and my gang go to take photo and walk around.

Little animal in a big big world ...

Good bye London


Thx for watching 
See you next entry