Ooh!! Talula "weaves black magic" for Spring 2010 and Rachel Ballinger

After I done my homework. It is my free time an lucky!! today have full of internet and I can post my blog
I saw Talula lookbook  and very liked it because they used my favorite model and a feel of photo are
very cool

this collection present about ceramony of magic it is a basic silhouette but very cute for me  i love a print of this collection  and Rachel Ballinger is pretty again

 ok let's see  "weaves black magic"

I like this concept from my interest I like to watch a movie about a balck magic it scary and mysterious but
it very charm  for while

and Rachel is very cute right? oh I love her face and love composition of this photo set
love tone and mood

oh this a lot of love LOL

See a lot of picture from Talula website

thx for watching
see u next entry