"Ödland" A charming music band like a alice in wonderland

I know this band as unexpectedly from small link in some blog but this small band have a different
not like a normal band in a billboard chart

they music  is a New-classic and they call them are a Ronantism the sound is from piano and violin violoncello they have inspiration from 19th century so you will interest them yet?

This is a cover from first album and first on April 2010 

"Dear friends, we are Ödland.
We love wind and violin, clouds and piano.
We have to dream or the way may be lost.
We were born in a train and we are traveling with ghosts.
Our shadow will reappear, because the past is lighting us.
Dear friends, welcome to our Land."


I love the style of this band very much and love more and more when I see they MV. It making from handmade drawing like a stop motion
I always love a work from a human hand because you can feel their intention and touch a heart in their work


let's see a charming MV  from a good band right now

Ödland, The Queen of Hearts. from Lorenzo Papace on Vimeo.

whay do you think ? 
about me ...I  am  a big fan of  "Ödland"  already LOL

see a information from their office website www.odland.fr.

thx for watching
see you next entry

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  1. i can't find the word to say how adorable they are
    very nice B, i will becoming them real fans too :)