The good home for the good work

when you stay in your home it look like you stay in your space ... if you have a good home I think it can make special time for you because you can make home like your self

from a good blog name "theselby.com"  they take a picture of home around the world
home from a cool people

today I choose a home which I love and like for you  let's go to look
(click to view in bigger size)

name:Fulvia farolfi - makeup artist 
the hamptons new york

name:gary card - set designer and illustrator; and henderson mccue - gareth pugh's first assistant, pattern cutter and studio manager
home : london

name: inès de la fressange - designer, muse and model
home: office - paris - sept 8th 2009


name :baby mary - owner of faline tokyo
home and her shop:  tokyo - sept 15 2009

name:shannan click - model; and dan martensen - photographer
home: - upstate new york

name:yoshiko kajitani - designer of yoshiko creation paris
home: tokyo

a lot of picture in this entry LoL but I love their home and want to show for you

home look like character of owner .... it can describe many things
make your home for your inspiration

thx  "theselby.com"
see you next entry 

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  1. awesome, B
    after my birthday I will change my sewing room become pinkish vanilla again, and in choose yoshiko kajitani's room for my interior ideas lol,Hav a Pretty holiday ;)